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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Becoming a Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Engineer sets you on the track to an interesting, evolving profession that is prophesied to grow distinctly into 2025 and ahead. Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning will affect all sections of everyday life by 2025, with employment in a wide range of businesses such as healthcare, shipping, security, transport and logistics, and also customer service.

Learn Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence will determine the next age of software solutions. This computer science course presents a summary of AI and describes how it can be done to make smart apps that help businesses be more productive and improve people’s lives. It uses a mix of charming lectures and hands-on exercises to assist you to take your first steps in the interesting field of AI. The demand for AI experts exists in just about all field as firms seek to furnish computers the capacity to think, learn and adjust.

The Scope of Jobs with Artificial Intelligence Skill

Career Opportunities for Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Skill Experts.

  • Data Scientist
  • Machine Learning Expert
  • Robotic Scientist / Expert
  • Business Intelligence Developer etc.

Learning From ML & AI Course

This Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Training program provides training in the abilities needed for a career in AI. You will learn TensorFlow, Machine Learning, and other AI theories, plus the programming languages required to produce intelligent agents, extensive learning algorithms & forward artificial neural interfaces that use imminent analytics to determine real-time decision-making difficulties.

Best AI Learning Course in Delhi NCR

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Training Course Frequently Asked Question

Learning ML & Artificial Intelligence gives an edge to professionals from all fields, in order to succeed within an extremely competitive job market. AI also provides a framework and platform for entrepreneurship and successful launch of industry ideas.

This program is intended for beginners who are interested in starting with an AI-based career or polish their Python Programming.

You can stay after the class gets over and ask your queries, and if you need more time then you can come individually on any weekday to ask your queries from the trainers.

We support multiple payment options online /offline. Choose an option that suits you the most.

This program is designed to learn Machine Learning skills that can augment your current skill-set. It will prepare for jobs titled as Data Analyst in ML, ML Engineer, Data Science in ML, etc.

Absolutely! Data Science is becoming a necessity for all industries and is no more a choice. Hence there is a critical demand for quality data professionals and because the supply is constrained, this is one of the most lucrative career options across industries.

Yes, if you missed any class you will get back within 15 days.

We’ll teach you how to install all the software required. Virtually any 64-bit operating system with at least 8GB of RAM will be suitable. Udacity does not provide any hardware.

The course will be a combination of theoretical and practical sections on each topic. We also provide exposure to our live projects.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Training Fee: Rs. 30,000 includes GST – Duration 4 months

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Training Content

  • An Introduction to python
  • Beginning Python basics
  • Python program flow
  • Functions & modules
  • Exceptions
  • File handling
  • Class
  • Regular expressions
  • Data structures
  • Database and Operations
  • OOPs
  • Numpy Basics
  • Importing and Exporting Data using Pandas
  • Data Visualization-matplotlib
  • Machine Learning
  • Basics of Machine Learning
  • Machine Learning with Tensorflow
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Tensorflow Basics
  • Optimizers
  • Activation Functions
  • Keras: A High Level API
  • Tuning of Hyperparameters
  • Miscellaneous
  • Linear Regression
  • Logistic regression
  • K nearest neighbors
  • Decision trees and random forests
  • Support vector machines
  • K means clustering
  • Image: Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Detection & Recognition
  • Recurrent Neural Networks
  • Models of Recurrent Neural Networks

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