Artificial Intelligence and its applications

Artificial Intelligence is the way of making a computer program to think smartly. It is an attempt of science to create computer systems that can think and process information like a human brain.

Artificial intelligence is making our computer systems smarter by enhancing their abilities to think, adapt, and work on their own. With the help of machine learning, programmers were able to create a simulation of human intelligence processes for computers and robots.

AI systems are categorized as weak and strong. A weak AI system is designed and trained to perform a few limited and simpler tasks like Google Assistant and Siri while a strong AI system is so advanced that it is able to find solutions for the complex problems without any kind of human intervention. It has a set of cognitive human abilities that assist the system to process the inputs in the most humanly way possible.

Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially in recent years and almost every piece of tech around us is utilizing machine learning to take its basic functionalities to an advanced level.
From powering our cameras with advanced scene recognition systems to literally giving us all a personal assistant, AI is truly transforming our lives.
Artificial Intelligence has many components and tools that are being used in many sectors because of its wide applicability, some of them are as follows:

*Speech Recognition: One of the most basic forms of AI technology, Speech recognition is used in many interactive mobile and computer applications that take input in the form of human speech and converts it into a useful format for the program.

  • Biometrics: Biometrics uses methods for unique identification of humans based on one or more innate physical traits. Biometrics are usually used for security reasons to give identity access to individuals for a computer system or program. Biometrics usually rely on unique fingerprint, facial, or retinal patterns to identify a person.

*Process Automation: Robotic process automation is a very efficient way to execute a task which is difficult for humans. It uses scripts to automate human action to enhance business processes.

  • AI in health care: AI in medical sciences is proving to be extremely revolutionary. Through machine learning, scientists are able to make AI-powered equipment that can help with diagnosis and speed up the whole process in a much efficient way than a human.
  • AI in business: Artificial intelligence has been very helpful in increasing the efficiency of businesses. From automated transactions to chat-bots, Industries are utilizing AI for the completion of more repetitive tasks and to reduce the burden from the human workforce.
  • In Self-Driving Vehicles:
    Artificial intelligence powers the self-driving technology behind autonomous vehicles by utilizing machine learning stack that powers it.

It uses an advanced array of sensors and cameras that are designed to communicate with other autonomous vehicles to provide a better insight into traffic management and prevent any sudden incidents.

  • Machine vision: By capturing and analyzing visual information using cameras, digital signal processing, artificial intelligence allows computers to see. It is often pitched against human vision, but machine vision isn’t bound by human limitations and can be programmed to see through walls, for example.

It has a broad range of applications and can help with identifying signatures or even analyzing medical images.

Top 5 Reasons Why AI Will Create More Jobs in Various Sector


Job Scopes in AI Artificial Intelligence Future job scopes in artificial intelligence

A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report calculable that almost five-hundredths of the regular manpower of organizations can shrink over the ensuing few years. though AI can eliminate jobs, it’ll produce a requirement for brand spanking new job positions. For AI to operate properly, humans are going to be required to envision work, improve it and manage it. The WEF indicated that the new positions would require extra skills for managing the interface between technology and humans.

AI will Create New Job Positions in Near Future

Job Scopes in AI Artificial Intelligence

A recent World Economic Forum (WEF) report calculable that almost five-hundredths of the regular manpower of organizations can shrink over the ensuing few years. though AI can eliminate jobs, it’ll produce a requirement for brand spanking new job positions.

For AI to operate properly, humans are going to be required to envision work, improve it and manage it. The WEF indicated that the new positions would require extra skills for managing the interface between technology and humans.

AI Maintenance Jobs

AI helps businesses operate a lot of with efficiency particularly in areas like client service, automation, etc. Some firms have even integrated AI all told their crucial systems. As AI gets enforced in each trade, the demand for AN AI maintenance men goes to skyrocket. firms would want massive amounts of AI developers and engineers to take care of their systems.

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AI in Robotics

The area of robotics can see huge growth within the next few years. AI-based robots like stationary robots, non-humanoid land robots, and totally machine-controlled aerial drones, square measure gaining vital business interest from corporations globally. This enhanced demand is guaranteed to open a lot of job roles for AI robotics engineers.

Worldwide employment

Companies that effectively implement AI will generate extra money for his or her businesses. This, in turn, ends up in higher employee wages, higher technology tools, and larger efficiency. With such success, companies will truly unfold their reach across the globe. As a result, they’ll need a world man that once more generates large employment opportunities.

AI in Financial Services

Financial Services corporations like banks need AI engineers to develop systems which will establish and mitigate fraud. they’re conjointly victimization machine learning primarily based anomaly detection models to observe transaction requests and determine suspicious activity. aside from security, AI is being progressively utilized in financial marketing. financial corporations are developing systems which will orchestrate client journeys on their most preferred channels and at the proper time. Thus, within the Financial Services sector, the AI job scenario is extremely positive.

What Skills Needed for Artificial Intelligence Career?

What Skills Needed for Artificial Intelligence Career?

There are several educational and skill requirements to make career in Artificial Intelligence sector. One should be good in math, probability, algebra and logic. In this post we will talk about different skill sets for AI Jobs in India.

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Artificial Intelligence Skills in Demand in 2019

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and it is getting popular on a large scale. Whether it is about catering food in restaurants or self-driving cars, these AI intelligence can easily be seen in our daily lives.

It is needless to say that we are living in a digital world where it has become essential to accomplish each and every work in a smart way. John McCarthy coined the term known as “Artificial Intelligence”.

And it is all about the science and engineering of making intelligent machines which can accomplish a variety of tasks following intelligent computer programs. AI is engaged in developing intelligent software and systems, which can think and react in the way a human does.

It means we can trust on AI to think, learn, decide and solve a problem. Because of AI, it becomes possible to enable the machine to perform human-like functions by learning through experience.

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Talking about the most successful AI professionals, they often share a common characteristic, which makes them not only succeed but advance in their careers as well. Let’s check out other important skills and abilities –


In order to work with artificial intelligence, it needs to go with an analytical thought process. & it takes hard work and artificial intelligence training from experts.


Moreover, the ability to solve problems going with a cost-effective and efficient solution oriented feature is also needed.


Apart from it, this also needs foresight in respect of technological innovations so that it can translate to state-of-the-art programs allowing businesses to stay into the competition.


Moreover, AI specialists require technical skills in order to maintain, design, repair technology, and software programs.


The important thing is that AI professionals should learn how to translate highly technical information in a way so that others can easily get to carry out their jobs.


If you want to get into this field, you need to have good communication as well as the ability to work with colleagues on a team.



Python is a programming language based on Object-oriented programming. Python is the right for AI because of its vast prebuilt libraries, flexibility & need of less coding work.  Want to learn Python in Delhi ? Fix demo at Eagle Fly solutions at Patel Nager


First, the aspirants need to have basic computer technology as well as math backgrounds in order to get into this field. The fact cannot be ignored that most artificial intelligence programs are revolved around basic computer technology and math backgrounds.

You need to have a bachelor’s degree in order to get into an entry-level position. If you want to go ahead for entailing supervision, administrative roles or leadership, then you need to have masters or doctoral degrees.

Talking about the typical coursework, it includes various study such as physics, engineering, and robotics, computer science, programming languages and coding, Cognitive science theory, Bayesian networking or graphical modeling, including neural nets. And you also have to hold in-depth knowledge of the various level of math, including probability, statistics, algebra, calculus, logic, and algorithms.

You may also go ahead to opt degree programs introducing specific majors in AI or pursue an AI specialization including health informatics, graphic design, engineering, information technology, and computer science.


If you are really interested to get into AI, you require to possess these skills and information. The upcoming time is going to so fast and quite dependable on AI. Therefore, you can expect many opportunities in this field.