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Data analytics with R Programming Course

EagletFly is  leading data analytics with R Programming Course Training Institute in Delhi. With this comprehensive R training, get hands-on skills in Data Science with R! Over the past many years, R has accumulated enormous popularity among Data Science practitioners and it is no wonder that R language is often mentioned as lingua franca of Data Science!

Why You Should Learn R Programming?

R is rapidly converting into a leading language in data science and statistics. Today, R is the means of choice for data science specialists in every business and profession. Whether you are a full-time number cruncher or just the random data analyst, R will gratify your requirements.

Essential Data Analytics Skill

R is a great language used extensively for data analysis and statistical computing. Addition of sturdy packages in R has made it more and more important with time. Combinations such as dplyr, tidyr, readr, data.table, SparkR, ggplot2 have made data administration, visualization, and calculation much quicker. The principal in our Professional Certificate Program in Data Science, this course will present you to the basics of R programming. You can completely retain R when you study it to resolve a specific problem. You’ll use a real-world dataset about crime in any country. You will learn the R skills required to answer fundamental questions about diversity in violation across the different states.

Our R Programming Training

EagleFly Solution's R programming course for Data Analysis expertly covers basic data analytics, demographic imminent and machine learning through various practical models and projects. What makes this course different is that you will continuously follow your newly gained skills through interactive in-browser coding difficulties using the DataCamp program. Instead of passively watching videos, you will solve real data problems while getting instant and personalized feedback that leads you to the right solution. We’ll incorporate R's functions and data models, and then tackle how to work on vectors and when to use high-level functions like classifying. You’ll see how to implement general programming features like “if-else,” and “for loop” commands, and how to dispute, interpret and conceive data.

r programming language training in delhi
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Career Opportunities for R Programming Trainees

The careers in Data Analytics with R Programming 

  • R programmer
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Architect
  • Data Visualization Analyst
  • Quantitative Analysis with R
  • Geo Statisticians
  • Database Administrator

Learning from R Programming Course

This preface to R programming program will help you understand the basics of R. In sections, you will embrace its basic language, making you ready to tackle your own first data analysis using R. Beginning from variables and basic procedures; you will ultimately learn how to control data arrangements such as vectors, patterns, data structures, and lists. In the final section, you will jump deeper into the graphical abilities of R, and build your own remarkable data visualizations. No prior familiarity in programming or data science is needed.

R is available for everyone to use because it is an apparent source of programming language. Programming codes of R can be used over all platforms like Linux, Windows, and Mac. There are no boundaries with regard to subscription costs or license administration, which makes it readily available for data geeks. Also, you can have easy access to the R programming institutions. Nonetheless, there are some popular libraries meant for companies dealing with data in terabytes. Hadoop is a good example.

Data Analytics with R Certification Training in Delhi

Data Analytics with R Programming Course Frequently Asked Question

The program is NOT going to be easy. It will require at least 8 or 10 hours of commitment per week for application of new concepts and executing of industry relevant projects. You can turn yourself into a certified professional via a professional data scientist course in Delhi, like EagletFly which offers data analysis course in Delhi, at most affordable prices.

Preparatory Support

a). Mentoring on how to make the best resume for a data professional, highlight technical and domain expertise.

b). Data Science Interview preparation and interview mentoring by industry experts.

Access to Opportunities

a). Profiles of students will be circulated in the network of companies that EagletFly has.

b). For learners with 5+ years of experience, it becomes more difficult to convert these opportunities than others. For them, it is more about how to inculcate data-driven leadership in the current job and plan a transition into Data analytics or Data Science in the medium to long run.

No, the program is designed to be completed in its entirety, and cannot be taken as standalone modules.

If I missed classes, so will get any backup?

We support multiple payment options online /offline. Choose an option that suits you the most.

Our Data analytics with R Training course ( at Patel Nagar , Delhi Center) will be a combination of theoretical and practical sections on each topic. We also provide exposure to our live projects related to Data Analytics in R programming.

Fee: Rs. 17,500 includes GST – Duration 3 months

If you like finding meaningful insights from the data, if you get excited by the prospect of informing business decisions through analysis and have an analytical bend of mind, then this program is meant for you. As long as you are able to clear the selection test (or are exempt) and are excited about the transition to Data Science- this program is meant for you. And EagletFly is one of the well-established data analytics institute in Delhi that provides best data scientist course in Delhi.

Absolutely! Data Science is becoming a necessity for all industries and is no more a choice. Hence there is a critical demand for quality data professionals and because the supply is constrained, this is one of the most lucrative career options across industries.

Applicants from different quantitative educations like Business Management, Maths, Statistics, Engineering, Finance and anyone who desire R education with particular focus on Data Science and Machine Learning purposes.

Data Analytics with R Programming Training Content

  • What is R,What is S
  • R language for statistical Programmin
  • History of R,
  • Features of R
  • Comparing Tools, Installing R
  • R interfaces, R Library
  • Data Types, Attributes Entering Input
  • Explicit Coercion
  • Data Frame, List
  • Factors
  • Vectors Objects
  • Matrix Dimensions
  • Matrix Design · cbind and rbind
  • Reading Data
  • Writing data
  • Reading data files with tables
  • Files connection
  • Reading lines of Text files
  • Data sorting
  • Find and remove duplicates record
  • Cleaning data
  • Recoding data
  • Merging data
  • Slicing of Data
  • Merging Data
  • Aggregating Data
  • If, if-else
  • For, while
  • Nested loops
  • Repeat and break
  • Next, Return
  • Apply family(Apply, Lapply, Sapply, Tapply, Mapply)
  • Build in functions
  • User Defined functions
  • Argument and parameters in a function
  • Clean datasets according to standards
  • Date and Times
  • Pattern Matching
  • Regular Expression
  • Basic plotting and Advance plotting (ggplot2)
  • Graphical Parameters
  • Combining Plot
  • Density Plot, Histogram
  • Dot Pot, Bar Plots, Line charts, Pie charts
  • Box plot, Scatter Plot
  • Saving plots
  • Twitter Sentiment analysis

1. What is Machine Learning?
 Supervised Learning
 Unsupervised Learning
 Introduction to Predictive modelling
 Introduction to Different Phase of Machine Learning
 Types of Analytics
 Descriptive Analysis
 Predictive Analysis
 Prescriptive Analysis

2. Data Exploration for modeling:
 Identifying any problems with the data
 Identify missing data
 Identify outlier data
 Univariate analysis
 Bivariate analysis

3. Measure of Dispersion:
 Standard Deviation
 Range
 Interquartile range

4. Measure of central tendency:
 Mean
 Median
 Mode

5. Introduction to Probability:
 Concept of Probability
 Probability mass function
 Random Variables-Discrete and Continuous
 Binomial Distribution
 Poisson Distribution
 Normal Distribution
 Kurtosis
 Shapes (Skewness)
 Central limit theorem

6. Introduction to Parametric and Non Parametric tests:
 Z test
 T test
 Chi square Test

7. Linear Regression: Solving regression problems:
 Introduction/Applications
 Assumptions of linear Regression
 Building Linear Regression Model
 Understanding standard metrics (Variable signification, Rsquare/adjusted R-square)
 Assess the overall effectiveness of the model Validation of models
(Rerunning Vs. Scoring )

8. Logistic Regression: Solving classification problems:
 Linear Regression vs. Logistic Regression vs. Generalized Linear
 Assumptions of Logistic Regression
 Binary Logistic Model
 Multinomial Logistic Regression
 Checking and improving accuracy using ROC curve, Precision,
Recall, Confusion Matrix.

 What is KNN & Applications?
 KNN for missing treatment

 KNN for solving regression problems
 KNN for solving classification problems
 Validating KNN model
 Model fine tuning with hyper parameters

10. Decision Trees
 Decision Trees – Introduction
 Types of Decision Tree
 Growing and Pruning tree
 Entropy, Information Gain, Gini Index
 Overfitting – Best Practices to avoid

11. Support Vector Machines
 Support Vector Regression
 Support Vector classifier
 Hard Margin
 Soft Margin
 Kernel functions
 Interpretation of Outputs and Fine tune the models with hyper

12. Ensemble Learning
 Concept of Ensembles
 Methods of Ensembling
 Stacking
 Bagging
 Boosting
 Bagging Algorithms
 Random Forest
 Boosting Algorithms
 Gradient Boosting
 Adaboost
 XGBoost

13. Unsupervised Learning
 Dimension Reduction using PCA
 Clustering Algorithms
 K- Mean clustering
 Hierarchical clustering
 Project/ Case Studies(Data Science): Will be based on the above

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