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Artificial Intelligence is the way of making a computer program to think smartly. It is an attempt of science to create computer systems that can think and process information like a human brain.

Artificial intelligence is making our computer systems smarter by enhancing their abilities to think, adapt, and work on their own. With the help of machine learning, programmers were able to create a simulation of human intelligence processes for computers and robots.

AI systems are categorized as weak and strong. A weak AI system is designed and trained to perform a few limited and simpler tasks like Google Assistant and Siri while a strong AI system is so advanced that it is able to find solutions for the complex problems without any kind of human intervention. It has a set of cognitive human abilities that assist the system to process the inputs in the most humanly way possible.

Artificial Intelligence has grown exponentially in recent years and almost every piece of tech around us is utilizing machine learning to take its basic functionalities to an advanced level.
From powering our cameras with advanced scene recognition systems to literally giving us all a personal assistant, AI is truly transforming our lives.
Artificial Intelligence has many components and tools that are being used in many sectors because of its wide applicability, some of them are as follows:

*Speech Recognition: One of the most basic forms of AI technology, Speech recognition is used in many interactive mobile and computer applications that take input in the form of human speech and converts it into a useful format for the program.

*Process Automation: Robotic process automation is a very efficient way to execute a task which is difficult for humans. It uses scripts to automate human action to enhance business processes.

It uses an advanced array of sensors and cameras that are designed to communicate with other autonomous vehicles to provide a better insight into traffic management and prevent any sudden incidents.

It has a broad range of applications and can help with identifying signatures or even analyzing medical images.